Zero Fees Forever.

Transforming Consumer Culture

Qalize allows you to use your bank accounts like never before. The app brings the security of a direct deposit right to your mobile device. Pay at shops, restaurants and online. Review your purchases before you pay, all while earning instant cash back.


Your financial hub

Securely connect any bank account. Pay with your Qalize app anywhere, from shops and restaurants to online stores and external apps.

Always in control

Get a full breakdown of each purchase before you make a payment. Store your receipts digitally.

Cash-back that works

No more confusing cash-back redemption terms. Your cash-back points are immediately available.

Pay in stores

Your unique one-time barcode for each purchase. Ideal for paying in supermarkets.


Qalize Pad

Look out for a Qalize code on your restaurant bill, when shopping online or paying for your parking.


Split your bill

Share payments in real time. Don’t wait to to be reimbursed. Pick and choose your items. Easier than cards.


Ultimate security

Qalize doesn’t store any sensitive data. Any data you submit when connecting accounts is passed on securely to our ACH partners for verification purposes.


Watch for us at your favorite restaurants, retailers and online.

Stay tuned. We are coming soon!


Why not just stick to my cards?

You can have it all in one place: your accounts, loyalty and transfers. Experience cash-back that actually works, available immediately and building on the go. The app provides all the stats: a full list of items you purchase every time you pay, as well as a detailed history of your spending. You can even split bills with your friends.

Is Qalize widely accepted?

We are currently available in Chicago, IL and will be rapidly expanding our merchant network. Thanks to our technology, we can sign up merchants faster than anyone else. You will immediately know that Qalize is here. Restaurants working with us will have Qalize codes printed on the bill. At our retail partners just scan your unique barcode. Watch for Qalize stickers & digital signage. We will be expanding into other states soon.

Why is it secure?

We don’t ask you to deposit any money with us to start using Qalize. Your money stays with your bank, we just facilitate transactions. You can set limits for Qalize transactions and review the details before paying. Unlike cards, you do not disclose any sensitive data to merchants and can switch on PIN-lock or fingerprint authentication for each payment. Qalize uses military grade RSA encryption, the ultimate in security. There is no data in the Qalize app that can allow unauthorized payments.

How much does it cost?

Qalize is totally free.

What’s the deal with your instant cash-back?

Watch for cash-back promotions in the Places section of your Qalize app. Once you complete a payment that qualifies for cash-back, you will see your points immediately available in your Qalize Wallet. No need to wait until the end of the month. Add your cash-back points to any payment or decide to rack them up. Even transfer to your friends. The more often you use Qalize, the higher cash-back rates you will be eligible for. Go explore!

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