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Simply Better Than Money

Instant, honest and easy-to redeem cash-back on digital gift cards. Get them at light speed with Qalize. Share or use them for yourself. Real-time crowdfunding adds value and is tons of fun.


Your financial hub

Digital gifts are a part of a bigger picture. There is stuff in the works that will redefine a lot more. Join us and enjoy the ride.

Always in control

Get a full breakdown of each purchase before you make a payment. Store your receipts digitally.

Cash-back that works

No more confusing cash-back redemption terms. Your cash-back points are immediately available.

Truly contactless

Forget swiping, tapping and scanning codes. Review. Confirm. Go.



What you see is what you get. Awarded immediately on every purchase.


Crowdfund it

Share payments in real time. Don’t wait to to be reimbursed. Pick and choose your items.


Ultimate security

Qalize doesn’t store any sensitive data. Any data you submit when connecting accounts is passed on securely to our ACH partners for verification purposes.


Watch for us at your favorite restaurants, retailers and online.

Stay tuned. We are coming soon!