No transaction fees

Why pay for the privilege to make money? All payments made by your customers through the Qalize app are free.

Zero setup costs

No new hardware or complex software integration needed. We will get you started in minutes.


Independent or a chain, we will set you up in no time. Free-of-charge solutions for any business.



Cafes and Restaurants

Helping you to serve more clients at a time. Forget about carrying receipts back and forth. Qalize will add a unique payment code on every bill you print. Your customer simply enters this code in the app. Payment complete!

Stores & Supermarkets

Use your standard barcode scanner to securely send payment requests to your customer’s Qalize app. No new hardware required. Each Qalize barcode is unique for every transaction.


Ready API/SDK for easy check-out. A smooth overlay with a unique Qalize code for payment. No more navigating away from your e-shop page, and no more lengthy card detail entry forms.

Setting Up Promotional Campaigns That Work

Qalize instant cash-back provides you with the most straightforward loyalty tool ever. Set, modify or suspend any type of promotional campaign in real time. You are free to choose the timing, audience and even the product category for every campaign. Your customers will immediately locate you when browsing for offers in the app’s merchant locator. No need to spend days updating your system for new loyalty programs.

How does it work? What will it cost me?

Qalize allows users to pay merchants through direct deposits. Utilizing the same technology employers use to issue payroll deposits, (called ACH or automated clearing house), we do away with card processing fees and associated costs. Nothing is more secure and merchants are guaranteed full payment on every transaction. Qalize can work with any technical setup and integrate directly into your current cashier solution. Let us know a little about your business and we will get you started in no time. We will also set you up with our free mobile cashier software.

What about chargebacks?

Normal refunds will be subject to local laws and your own policies. We take care of all other chargeback risks.

Why is it secure?

We don’t ask you to deposit any money with us to start using Qalize. Your money stays with your bank, we just facilitate transactions. You can also set limits for Qalize transactions. You can review the details of each payment before making it. Unlike cards, you do not disclose any sensitive data to merchants when paying. You can switch on PIN-lock or fingerprint authentication for each payment. Qalize uses military grade RSA encryption, the ultimate in security. There is no data in the Qalize app that can allow unauthorized payments.

Okay, you don't charge transaction fees. What else?

With Qalize, you will get to know your customer better. You will know what they buy and when. You will be able to engage them with personalized promotions. Setup and personalize promotion campaigns in seconds. You can set specific timing (one-off, permanent or recurring), audience (everyone or just your best clients), types of goods, cash-back rates, campaign name and even an awesome cover photo.

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